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This course will empower you to grow your marketing knowledge, advance yourself in your career and improve your knowledge on digital platforms.

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Course Overview

Get enrolled in Professional Course in Digital Marketing that covers both Basic to Advanced principles of Digital Marketing that any business or freelancer needs to have in their skill set in order to strive and survive in this ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Digital revolution has opened ocean of opportunities for marketing. Digital Marketing is also known as Internet Marketing or Web Marketing. Therefore, if you are a student or jobseekers or working professional or businessman this course is for you. You can get certified in digital marketing without leaving your work and enter into the digital world.

This course will empower you to grow your marketing knowledge, advance yourself in your career and improve your knowledge on digital platforms.

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    This Course include

    Basics of Online Marketing
    The difference of Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    Search Engine Basics
    Key points of internet marketing
    Basic terms used in internet marketing
    Effective platforms for promotions
    Why are people moving to digital marketing?
    How much business can you grab after using internet marketing techniques?
    Structure of Online Marketing
    Types of websites
    WordPress website creation
    What is Social Media?
    Social Media Uses
    Social Media Platforms
    Benefits of social media
    Social media tools
    Creating Facebook Business Page, Group.
    Learning Free Online Applications to Create Designs
    Optimizing Page
    Understanding Facebook Analytics
    Detailed Facebook Ads/Business Manager
    Introduction & Overview of SEO
    Search engine model
    What is Search Engine?
    How search engine works?
    Types of seo
    ON Page SEO
    OFF Page SEO
    Duplicate Content
    keyword Research
    Design & Architecture
    Local SEO
    Search Console
    SEO Measurement, Updates & Integration
    Introduction & Fundementals
    What is Google Ad
    How Google Ads Works
    Google Ads Account Setup, Billing & Settings.
    What is Campaign?
    What is Adgroups?
    How many types of ads & objectives
    Understanding Different Features of Ads Campaign
    Keyword Research & Match Types
    Ad Extensions
    Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategies
    Measurements & Strategies.
    Google Analytics Overview
    Use of Google Analytics
    How to attach Google Analytics with website?
    How to Install the Tracking Code on the Website
    How to Analyse Reports
    Linking with other Google properties
    Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
    Real-time analysis.
    Sessions, Page views & other metrics.
    Behavior analysis
    Browser analysis
    Google Tag Manager
    What is Copy writing and Content Marketing?
    Ad creative writing.
    How many types of Content Marketing?
    How to target potential customers through right content?
    Find right keywords for content marketing
    What is Email Marketing?
    How many types of Email Marketing?
    How to collect data for Email Marketing?
    Email marketing with Mailchimp
    How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
    Collects leads from Email
    Email marketing analytics
    What is SMS Marketing?
    How to collect data for SMS Marketing?
    SMS Blasting
    SMS marketing analytics
    Strategies & Growth Hacks
    Surveys, etc

    Learning Outcomes


    For fresher there is a great scope to begin your career in the Digital Marketing field.


    Entrepreneurs can implement the skills obtained from the course to the real world campaign strategy.


    Career in Digital Marketing industry starts from entry level as executive to management level.


    One of the biggest advantage of digital marketing course is you always have the option to work as freelancer.


    Social Media Marketing Training in Udupi

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