How to earn money as a student

Want to earn money as a student? Do you want to start earning with zero investment? Today we will help you with tips and information on making money as a student with minimal or zero investment.

As a student, your main focus will be on academics. you will mainly focus on studying subjects and clearing examinations. Students do not have that much free time on their hands. 

The jobs we suggest today are only for those who can show dedication in their work and have enough time on their hands. We will not be discussing works provided by various organizations or places you have to work under someone else. We will help you to find work in your comfort and be self-employed. 

There are many difficulties to working as a student for an organization, you might find it hard to keep up with your studies or work during exams, but through this method, you can earn money anytime. 

Freelancing jobs are better rather than working for a company. It improves your skills, ideas, and how you interact with clients, helps you improve your communication and boost your confidence level. It also helps in your financial management and develops your personality in the practical world. This way, you can continue your studies and develop your skills while earning revenue.

Nowadays, most students will focus on achieving a degree and a Masters, then look for jobs. Such a mentality will mostly face difficulties in future. As you will be entering the business era with no experience, let us see how to become financially independent.

There are two ways you can earn revenue: 

1) Physical Effort

2) Technology/Digital Platform


In This method, you will need to have a physical presence, and You will have to put much effort physically to get results. Ways you can earn in ‘PHYSICAL EFFORTS’ are:

  • Teaching and Tutoring: Tutoring students in your neighborhood is an excellent way of self-employment. You can teach other students of lower grades during your days as a student. Suppose you have a computer, you can teach computer classes to the students. Teaching other students not only provides you income but also refreshes your dormant knowledge.
  • Electronic Servicing: If you have electronic knowledge about hardware or electrical circuits, you can offer different services to people to help them get their electrical issues fixed. You can promote yourself through your friends and family.
  • Financial Service: For financial services, you do not need to be mature or a graduate but need financial knowledge, such as Insurance, loans, and interest term and services; you do not have to work for banks or corporations but can work as an agent working under commission.
  • Network Marketing: This is a controversial sector; some have a favorable opinion, and some have a negative opinion. It is a business model that depends on a person-to-person network of independent representatives, often working from home. A good network will create good revenue. 
  • Door-to-Door Delivery: Many people need home services, such as delivering groceries to their home maybe because they are too old to go to shops or some people are too busy in their work, they might need someone to deliver goods to their homes. You can also work as a delivery agent. 
  • Photography/Videography: If you are interested in photography, you can learn it under the guidance of photo studios. In this, you can work whenever you want. After graduation, if you are interested, you can chase it professionally and make it your primary source of income.
  • Real Estate: In this profession, you can act as an agent by giving information about available lands, bungalows, and flats for sale and by bringing a potential customer to the party, you can earn a good commission.
  • Automobile Services: It might be Repair, painting, and washing of cars and bikes with a minimum investment for tools. You can also provide door-to-door services to customers to pick up and drop off their vehicles. You can also sell original parts from scrap cars and earn some income.

Technology/Digital Platform:

There are various ways to earn revenue in a digital platform or technology. It connects you globally, hence improving your reach and customer database. Ways you can earn through ‘DIGITAL PLATFORMS’ are:

  • Content Marketing: Creating content for websites, blogs, and videos. There is much scope for content marketing. Big companies are recruiting content developers. Here you do not have to leave your home, and you work at your place in your comfort. Its main requirement is a good internet connection and a basic system configuration.
  • Refer and Earn: This plays an essential role in digital marketing. Here you refer one party’s product to another, and when third party purchases that product, you will earn some commission. For example, you refer one product to another party on Flipkart, Amazon, and Meesho. You will earn a commission if a third party purchases that product through your link.
  • Transcription: It is a method in which you transcribe or translate some videos or texts to make the general public understand the meaning of it. Here, you can Transcript for potential creators and easily score some money.
  • Online Tutoring/Online Education: If you are an expert in a particular subject, you can promote your teachings by recording yourself teaching that particular subject in video format and posting on online platforms like Unacademy and Byjus and earn good revenue.
  • Graphic Designing: These days, graphic designing has a high scope, where you can create a social media banner, YouTube thumbnail, Product designs, and Photoshop.
  • Video Editing: Earlier, video editing was for movies, serials, and marriages, but now social media campaigning designing has become a high-scope industry, where there is a high demand for Video editing by content creators on YouTube and Instagram also product campaigning.
  • Digital Marketing: It has many segments such as website designing, SEO/ SEM, Social media marketing and optimization, and email and SMS marketing. It has become Mandatory for companies, and almost all companies require a digital marketer. The companies will have many difficulties growing without digital marketing. You do not have to provide all these services, but you can give select services related to SEO or any other segment of your interest.

 Before grabbing any of these jobs mentioned above or having an opportunity to work in one, do thorough research like what time you are free and whether you can be committed to your job.

Overall, working as a student will help you become responsible by improving your communication skills and getting financial knowledge by earning revenue before graduating.