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Graphic Designing is a High-Scope Industry

Graphic Designing is a high-scope industry. Advertisement, Branding, Illustrator, Multimedia, Animation, VFX effects, etc. Graphics Designing is required in many industries. Relating to job opportunities it is high in demand not only in India but also in foreign countries.
Rakesh J Shettigar, founder of Root’s Institute, Udupi.

Graphic Designing

In this blog let us know about:

What is Graphic Designing?
Scope In Graphic Designing?
Future In Graphic Designing?


1- Graphic Designing:

Let us know about Graphic Designing. Graphic Designing consists of two words Graphic & Designing. Graphics means it consists of elements like shape, lines, forms, spaces & typography. Whereas designing is about using these elements with proper protocol/hierarchy and balancing the design, this principle is called designing. Hence Graphics Designing is about designing with a proper design principle.

So In graphics designing, we make designs using the design principle which gives visual communication.

This image doesn’t have a text but it gives a visual of what it represents.

2- Importance of Graphic Designing:

Graphic Designing is used in many sectors around us (Commercial, Banking, and Teaching Graphic Designing is used)
For Example: Product Promotion, Labelling, Printing & Packaging, Movie Promotion Poster, Website/App Layout Design)

So many sectors around use Graphic Designing and its effect is high. In the current situation and in the future Graphic designing is a never-ending high scope industry and also good for career-building.

3- Eligibility For Graphic Designing:

To do Graphic Designing there’s no certain qualification required. Anyone with a 10th-grade pass or fail, PUC, Graduate. Any background in Commerce, Arts, or Engineering. The main factor to learn Graphic Designing is to have creativity & passion for it. Definitely, anyone can join Graphic Designing and build a career in it.

4. Is Degree Compulsory For Graphic Designing?

To answer this question, as I told in the previous answer there is no certain degree or educational qualification certificate required to join the Graphic Designing course. But some companies make degrees mandatory and they do ask for Graphic Designing certification. And if you are applying for the Fine Arts teaching field even there you might be asked to provide the Graphic Designing certification. Other than these most companies hire you depending on how skilled and experienced you are in this field and also go through your portfolio.

Graphic Designing Job Sectors:

* Advertisement
* Branding
* Web Designing/Application Development
* Interface Design
* Magazine Layout
* Paper Engineering & Packaging
* TV & Motion Graphics
* Infographics
* Signage
* Arts & Illustrator
* Digital Art

5. Types of Job:

Here we can divide Jobs into 3 different categories:

A) Freelance Designers: Here you will be working independently you will not work for any person or be a company’s employee. Here you will have time flexibility while working and you can choose your clients on your own. You can be your own boss. But the drawback of Freelancing is that there will no fixed income, income will depend on your client’s work. If your portfolio is good then you can manage reputed company’s or client’s work and earn good income.

B) In-House Designer:
In this job type, a person will be a full-time employee of a particular company. They will hire a person to work for them and do all the company-related designing concepts, VFX or promotions, etc. This type of job is suitable for people who look for a fixed salary and who are not good at handling multiple clients. One of the disadvantages of this job type is that the person will be working on a particular design-related work and so the skills and creativity of the person may not improve and will limit him from learning other types of designing skills.

C) Ad Agency Designer:
Here the employee will work for an ad agency company and work with other employees as a team and also work for different clients. Here the coordination and communication skills of the employee will be important. As the employee will be working with multiple clients the creativity and skills of the employee will improve a lot. While changing the level/salary hike or finding a job in another company will be very helpful for him to get hired as he will be creative and skilled.
Hence there are advantages and disadvantages to each job sector.

6. Who can do Graphic Designing?

A) Students: Can earn extra money by freelancing and improving skills.

B) Housewives: Can do work from home and do freelance work for a company or client. Many websites will give freelance work.

C) Professionals: Obviously, a person who is interested to build a career in Designing, VFX & Animation. VFX & Animation is not about Graphic Designing & Graphic Designing is not about VFX & Animation. But Graphic Designing will be the base platform.

D) Job Aspirants: When a person is not creative and doesn’t have educational qualifications who are looking for a Job. Can learn Graphic Designing and become skilled in one software and get a job in a company.

7) Where to learn Graphic Designing?

You can learn Graphic Designing online or offline. You can learn in a good institute where they provide Graphic Designing courses for a reasonable price. Before joining the institute verify whether the institute has good teachers and check the quality of the education they are providing. It is very important to get trained by a skilled professional.


In our Root’s Institute, we provide:
Professional Diploma In Graphic Designing
* 6 Months
* 1 Month Internship
* 100% Placement Assistance
* Online & Offline Classes

* Adobe Photoshop
* CoralDRAW
* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe InDesign
* Canva
* Nudi & Baraha (Kannada)


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