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Internship is necessary or not?

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Before Getting Job The Best Way To Get Work Experience Is By Doing An Internship.

Here you will be just like a company employee but here won’t get salary and most of the works are told to be done by you, on july 17th there was a news published that till date there was internship for only technical courses but from now onwards there will be internship course for non technical courses also as said by Higher Education Department of Karnataka.The students who are studying  ARTS and COMMERCE will be getting the opportunity of apprenticeship and internship for their courses and is a great opportunity for BA and B.COM students.Internship was given to only BE,MBA,NURSING students. Before internship was optional for students but now its mandatory. One is educational policy another thing is lack of skill also you can say. Students who have scored good marks or ranks in SSLC,PUC,DEGREE  but they fail to give answers in the interviews , if he has work experience eve though if he have degree or not he will be selected based upon his experience.

What is Internship?

Organization offers an official program with internships and to provide training and work experience to recent graduates. On the basis of company &  type of industry it is this internship program will be around from  1 months to 12+ months.And students can avail experience through this internship programs. In order to obtain deep knowledge and work experience both graduates and under graduates students show interest in these internship programs. Which ever sector it might be or an organization it might be whether it might be MNC or an Start up will provide you with internship opportunities these day. In recent days Virtual Internship has been started by big MNC companies.Some companies visit colleges and conduct placement drives for the final year students. Companies also visit colleges and conducts interviews to 2nd and 3rd year students and provide them offer with 2 to 3 months internship, some colleges will also allow for 6 months internship opportunities. Here you will get real life work experiences,gain valuable knowledge and help you to build network and connections. Some companies provide you with PPO (Post Placement Offer) based upon your work output, team work, dedication towards the work.After considering the previous point  you might be getting permanent job offer letter. Some internship will be free and some in internship will be getting stipend of rupees 10000 or more which helps you to pay your college fees or purchase some useful gadgets and also can be used as pocket money. If your getting placement in 4th year then you will be getting internship opportunity in 2nd or 3rd year.At the time of placement the competition will be very high and there will be no competition in internship. DEGREE+SKILL=CAREER .So before applying for internship you should acquire right skill which is technical, non technical, creativity like Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. You should acquire the skills first then only you should be ready for internship and you should require the skills for off campus internship. In on campus interview you should maintain GPA 8+. In Off Campus interview they will prefer Referral Policy, based upon company workers reference & their network connections they will hire the suitable candidate from their references for their interns selections.

Why Internship Is Important ?

1)Internship gives Real World Exposure 
*)Real life exposure
 *)Improve knowledge *)Right career path *)Networking 

2)Meet new people & networks :For students internship is the stepping stone to build their career, during internship period we get the opportunity to meet working professionals and we get lot things to learn from them like how they work, which strategies they make, how they handle work pressure and difficult situations. We also meet with different skilled persons and getting information about their work environment and work ethics to be followed.

3)Know your real power:Helps you know about your real strength and skill sets.You will get to know about the Pros & Cons, Your Capabilities, Your strength and weakness, Overcome comfort life so that it helps to face the difficult situations in your career.

4)You will learn more than the technical skills.
*)Work environment 
 *)Work ethics *)Team Player *)Pressure manage*)Deadline matters*)Future interview 

How to find & get internship opportunities?

We can search internship from google search engines and you will get list of internship opportunities and then you can select your preferred internship programs.2) The following are the internship related websites like,,,, regular job search sites are as follows,,, 4)Different methods like job fairs and try to build your connection with the HR and Recruiters who have visited the job fairs so that you can approach them by giving them CV and try to convince them with you skills.

Getting referrals from your close circles and friends would help you to get some internship and job opportunities through their referrals. Another way to get internship opportunity is by getting connections with company HR and recruiters in linkedin Platforms. To get internship opportunity you need not run after big companies but prefer StartUps for your initial work experience gaining process which is nothing but internship working.And every time you need not go for paid internship but also you can go for free internship with the intention of gaining work experience only and not for salary purpose.There will be more work exposure in start up companies, if you go to the big companies then there will more rules and regulation policies and you will no gain more knowledge because of limited work culture. In  startup companies you will get complete knowledge of all the works as major portion of the work is done by you and you will get best support there.

Finally before applying fo internship you should build a proper & effective CV , if your CV is in old format then its of no use. Single page CV is most preferred these days. When you are applying for internship program through email you should attach a cover letter which introduces you to the recruiter . Cover Letter helps you to get good impression on you. Internship helps you to get  real work experience  instead of waiting for the new job, do internship and gain knowledge. Internship is the stepping stone for your beautiful career. Inorder  to get work experience  do the work for free without expecting any salary.Take projects and complete it .You can also work as the free lancer.

If you did not get any internship programs in colleges, you can prefer short term courses like Digital Marketing, SAP, DPAT and Graphic Designing courses , you can avail internship after the completion of the course if the institute provides you.

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