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Build your career in Social Media Now

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Reality Not Known By Many Of Us

Friends you all know about Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Tweeter, many of them use these social medias for entertainment and timepass purpose but who is having  knowledge in these platform make use of such platform in building their career and are earning money. Social Media Marketing has created BUZZ  in the recent years. For a business website is very important likewise social media channels.In India there are 46.7 crores social media users and will be more in the recent years. This social media channels have the capacity to lift  up the company as well as to make it fall down. Therefore there is the need for social media marketers by the business.

In this blog you will get information about the following:

1)Introduction To Social Media Marketing

2)Work Profile & Salary

3)Skill Required

4)How To Learn

5)How to start your social media journey

What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple by using social media channels for promotional activities of our business is called as social media marketing. In this we have 2 types of work environment 
*)Social Media Optimization:In this through organic way we are promoting our business, customers or leads generation.

*)Social Media Marketing:In this we create paid advertising.

In marketing there are two types of marketing they are as follows

1)Inbound Marketing Activities: It is the requirement of the customer when he himself comes to you and seek your products and services.
2)Outbound Marketing Activities: In this we ourself reach the targeted audience, convince them and try to sell our product and services.

When compared to inbound marketing effort and investment is more in outbound marketing because most of the persons who are in facebook and instagrams they dont always prefer for product or service purchase they use such platforms to get rid of bore and for entertainment reason.In these type of situations we have to grab attentions of the viewers by images and videos and try to bring to our official websites and try to convert them.So business require social media marketers to boost their business in social media platforms.

The required skill sets for a social media marketer are as follows:

1)CREATIVITY: As there is heavy competition in the market you must be more creative.
2)RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS: You must have the knowledge of market research as well as competitor research as well.

3)DATA ANALYSIS: Should check whether  social media followers are increased or not should analyze the engagement of the users this skill is important.

4)COPYWRITING /CREATIVE DESIGN: You should have the knowledge to convey your designs to bring the input from the designers.

5)FOCUS AND PATIENCE: Social Media Marketing does not gives you quick results  and must have focus and patience on the work that we have done.

6)PASSION: Social Media Marketing is the challenging job in this you should not work for time pass as well as salary, you must have some achievement attitude and have passion towards the job.

Talking About The Job Profile & Salary.

Social Media Executive/Intern usually have their works like, to create ad campaign, Regularly updating post, collaborated work with designers and video editors, Responding to the comments given by the audiences, Creating advertising ad campaign. Usually their salary starts from 10000 Social Media Manager will be handling different social media channels, they are involved in creating result oriented ad campaign, Checking brand images whether it is improvised or not and on the basis of business landscape they provide training to the other employees. Their salary starts from 25000 obviously it is depended on the other skills, experience, location the salary will be more. Social Media Head/Strategist/Analyst and this is one of the high level profile they involve in strategy creation,social media campaign analysis,brand growth measurement,collaborating with other teams,handling multiple clients multiple projects they will be handling and their salary will be above 30000 depending upon their skill, experience and location.

Learning Social Media Marketing.

1)Keep yourself Updated: You should be updated with the happenings and buzz & trends  in social media.
2)Learner: Social Media is growing faster and changing rapidly, learn how social media works & its logics and fundamentals.

3)Online Presence: You must be online not just for timepass but for learning

You can obtain an online course as well as an offline course. After completion of course you must try for the internship whether it is free or paid.You can also implement social media marketing for your own business or businesses of your near and dear ones. Build your portfolio to get a job as a social media marketer.

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