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Is ‘YEP’ Search Engine better than ‘Google’?

Is 'YEP' Search Engine better than 'GOOGLE'?

To increase one’s thinking capacity, one should read, write and watch good content, and keep sharing with others because sharing is caring. Nowadays, we are using google for all day-to-day activities. In this era, everyone has used or has heard of the google search engine. We are using google for checking our internet speed as well as spelling. We even use google to find a location and a dating partner.

Most companies depend on google for the promotion of their business. There are many search engines, but people only prefer google. We have one new search engine in this list of search engines, ‘YEP,’ unlike other search engines. Let’s learn what a search engine is.

What is a Search Engine?

It is a software system that searches for information on the internet and provides the user with the required data. For example, Google has a share of 94%, after which comes Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, Baidu, Yandex, and, other search engines.

‘YEP’ Search Engine

 Let us talk about yep or, founded in the tech company of Singapore as a baby product of ‘Ahrefs. Google crawls, indexes, and ranks the different content creators and publishers’ websites and shows them on the search result page. They rank these websites without anyone’s consent and display ads on their website to earn money. So, in a way, ads are Google’s primary income source.

‘Ahrefs’ was observing these very closely for a long time. On June 6th, they launched the yep search engine on the domain in beta. In the Yep search engine business model, 90% of the revenue generated from ads is given to the content creator and publishers, and the remaining 10% goes to the founder ‘Ahrefs.’ This Strategy will help the content creator get a good income, and in turn, the creators provide new quality content and might attract new content creators.

However, it is still difficult to compete with the google search engine, ‘Ahrefs’ has crawled the websites 24×7 since 2010, so they already have petabytes of stored information. ‘Ahrefs’ has 3,129 servers, so yep search engine uses the ‘Ahrefs’ bot to crawl these websites. Every day it nearly discovers 30 million new pages, and they already have 10 billion indexed content pages. ‘Yep’ doesn’t collect user data. They have a firm privacy policy. They don’t store past search history, IP address, or user agent strings. Providing personalized content without collecting users’ personal data or past history won’t be easy.

Google already has become a default in almost all mobile tablets; it might be harder to convince others. For Yep to persuade other users from google is a huge task, and they have to make awareness on a large scale. To change people’s opinions and habits is hard. we will have to see how they will solve this problem.

 ‘YEP’ has an overall 10 billion indexed content, but google removes a 40billion spam content pages daily; this shows how large the google database is.

‘Yep’ has invested an estimate of about a 60million in Singapore and said they would invest 4x more in the US. ‘Yep’ has taken a severe approach and knows well who their competitors are.

According ‘ to Ahrefs’ CEO Dimitry, 80% top quality content is not being created by anyone right now. If you compare this with YouTube, the highest quality videos are being uploaded every day every moment because the YouTube ad revenue is being shared with the content creators.

‘Yep’ is still in its Beta stage. In the future, what changes will they make? SEO professionals should be ready for what changes? Let us see how yep will compete with google in the future.

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