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Things you should Know about Facebook Ecosystem

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All Marketers Must Know About Facebook Eco System

If you are practicing digital marketing or else if you are a business owner or else you are working in social media or else you want to learn digital marketing & social media this article would help you provide basic foundations as well as clears basics fundamentals. Before implementing the direct marketing activities you should learn the basic rules, before making the strategies you should know which tools are used how it is performs and also about its algorithms and how much does it reach.

Before using such tools we must decide whether the tools used for marketing would be helpful for market reach or not and only after the previous step you should execute the marketing activities. After the execution analyze the report and do the improvement in marketing activities. Facebook Eco System? How does it work as per business point of view & gets support. As per the basic statistics India’s current population is 1.38B. If we consider Median age in the current population would be 50% above & 50% below which is 28 years of age that means some people are above 28 years age and some people are be below 28 years of age we can therefore consider youths as a next generation assets. India’s valuable assets are youths. So the marketing activities done by us would be & the targeted audience would be below 28 years or 18 to 35 years,45 years of age and obviously our targeted audience will be in social media and more specifically our targeted audience will be in Facebook,Instagram, Whatsapp.

Following are the important points of Facebook Ecosystem.

1st point. In Facebook, the first thing is Facebook Account this is for personal users only. We are not supposed to use personnel accounts for business purposes and also cannot create profiles for business account. Facebook Profile is used only for personal users. If you create a profile using your business name then Facebook will suspend your personal account.
Things to bear in mind. 1)
The name of your profile should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life. This name should also appear on a form of ID or document from our ID list. 2)Nicknames can be used as a first or middle name if they are a variation of your authentic name (such as Bob instead of Robert). 3)You can also list another name on your account (eg: maiden name, nickname, professional name). 4)Profiles are for individual use only. You can create a Page for a business, organization, or idea. 5)Pretending to be anything or anyone is not allowed.

2nd point is Facebook Page and is actually helpful for business. Whether it might be business, celebrity, or personnel you can create a Facebook Page. If you want to run an advertisement campaign or else to market products and services organically, this Facebook Page is very helpful.

3rd point is Facebook Group which helps you to build your network and community this Facebook Group would play an important role.  Overall Facebook Account, Facebook Page, and Facebook Group this would provide your business grow in a natural and in an organic way and also helps in reaching your business to the right audiences. Facebook’s Inorganic Method or Paid advertising  marketing methods, this organic strategy we face to sell our products and services for that purpose we should build community, after building the community we must try to increase our brand value. It is difficult to sell products and services because most of the people use Facebook for their internet purpose and to use their free time , thus they are not involved in purchasing activities , the  strategy to reach the targeted audience is known as outbound marketing or else Identity based marketing which means we ourself reach the audience through advertisements to grab the Facebook users attentions. Thus Facebook Business Page is important thus it is needed.Business Page is setted under your Personnel Profile. After getting your Facebook Business Page then you can do Facebook Paid Ads it is the reason that Facebook provides you Facebook Ads Manager or Ad account.

In Facebook Ad account you should create an Ad account separately. You should then login to Business.Facebook.Login using your Facebook credentials you will get the Facebook business account. Facebook Ads manager comes under BusIness Manager Account. You can make multiple Ad Accounts, you should connect each Facebook ad account to your Facebook page along with Facebook page people and other assets of Facebook or other business asset like Instagram, Whatsapp or else website first connect to Facebook page and then connect to Facebook ad account which helps in connecting other platforms in a single ecosystem. This is the section where social media marketing takes place or advertisement takes place and is so called as Facebook Ads account or Ads Manager.

Social Media Management or Social Media Optimization can be made in  Facebook page, group and Facebook personal account. In this you can make marketing inorganic way as well as in inorganic way. As told earlier in organic way you should first build the community here we should gain the attention of the audiences but even though we don’t get the much time to grab the attention of the people we get only 5 sec of time slots, in that given 5 sec time we should gain the attention so we should make attractive designs and posts or else good videos, to make our video get attention we should use trending audios, so ultimate goal is to get attention of the audiences on our advertisement copies , so those who are interested or given attention to our advertisements so our next step would be bringing them to our websites and make them convince to purchase our products and services. Organic way helps you to build your community, inorganic way it helps you to sell your products directly. 

For example if you observe zomato,swiggy’s social media handling they don’t sell their product or services directly but try build their community. By adding humor to their content they start sharing it. So its related to social media strategy, in the advertising section they create the ad copy and involve in selling their product and services.

Like wise facebook ecosystem which also have partnerships with  third party websites and apps and in their platforms we can show our ad copies and also do marketing activities. And this is also known as Facebook Audience Network, so final conclusion is that Facebook marketing activities and strategies is the best effort for the business marketing activities.