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‘How Google is Tracking Us’

'How Google is Tracking Us’

When we think of search engines, the first to come to mind is Google. If you search just Mysore on google, it will show you the entire Mysore history, news story, religious places, lodge, directions, maps, and all other various details. Likewise, if u search for restaurants near me will show you hotels with higher ratings and reasonable prices. How does google get this information? How Google is tracking us’? Who provides our personal details to google? How does this benefit google?

For Google to collect information, we have Gmail for conversations, Google maps for directions, Google news to read news, YouTube for entertainment, Google pay for payment services, and many more. The services we need for our daily lives are provided by Google. Google has developed this software and acquired others. When we create a google account, we have to provide our name, phone number, email, and billing information. What activities we do in this account are tracked by Google. Even if we don’t sign in, google will track our movements.

Google will drop cookies; Cookies is a JavaScript code. This code is dropped on the website. The size of this cookie Is 4kb. This will tell google what browser we are using, which device, network, screen resolution, sites or apps you visited, what content you are browsing at what time, and what day you browse. All this information is stored by Google.

Google will drop the ‘_GA’ cookie; with the help of this cookie, google will know if the user is a first-time visitor or a repeated user. Similarly, with the help of ‘_GID’ Cookies, google can track the user’s behavior.

Every device has an internet protocol, also known as Ip address; this number is provided related to the geographical section, allowing Google to know your precise location.

 The hardware in your device, such as an accelerometer, will help google find your movement speed, and with a gyroscope, google will know the direction you are heading in.

Google collects this information to provide better services. If you observe a human’s behavior, you will see that he is happier when provided with personalized content and become a repeat customer. By tracking past activities, google offers all the information which is required to the user in one section,

 with the help of GPS, if you have lost your phone, then with the ‘find my device’ platform, you can track where your phone is currently. to provide this kind of service, Google will track your location.

Google earns revenue from the advertisement; it doesn’t work like a subscription model like other apps; here, anyone can run ads; the specialty of these is that you can target precise customers, called buyers persona. These ads are displayed on YouTube, google maps, and 20+ million non-google apps and websites. Obviously, to do this, google needs to track your activities and store your information.

 Basically, Google is trying to build an ecosystem where google wants to play a role in day-to-day lives. If you don’t want google to track you, delete all your cookies and change the settings in your account.