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SAP SD Course Complete Guidance.

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In this blog we are going to discuss about the following topic SAP SD(SALES & DISTRIBUTION)What are SAP SD modules? What are its Career Opportunities? How much the salary range starts?
Any organization or company its main objective is sales , if there is no sales then there would not be existence of organization or companies, so when we see about big companies and their CEO’s are mainly from Sales Department. So sales is one of the most important segment .

What is SAP Sales and Distribution module?

Sales and Distribution module helps in managing the customer data of organization and also maintain sales and billing reports as well , take down distribution channel.

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Key job roles of SAP SD are as follows

  1. Customer Data & Master Data : Handles customer data, sales , billing of the organization
  2. Data Flow with other SAP modules : Helps with work integrity with other SAP Modules like SAP FICO, SAP MM which helps in maintain smooth flow of the data.
  3. Product Pricing & Flexibility: It helps in setting the product price & and also helps to vary in prices on bulk products , providing discount.
  4. Invoice Generation: Helps in generating invoices &  bills and maintain exact record of transactions.
  5. Delivery & Transportation: It also helps in maintain delivery & transportation day to day report.
  6. Credit Management
  7. Customers Feedback

These are all the functionality of SAP SD Module.

SAP SD Sub Module

  1. SAP-SD-MD: Master Data
  2. SAP-SD-BF: Basic Functions
  3. SAP-SD-SD: Sales 
  4. SAP-SD-SHP: Shipping
  5. SAP-SD-TBA: Transportation
  6. SAP-SD-FTT: Foreign Trade
  7. SAP-SD-CAS: Sales Support
  8. SAP-SD-BIL: Billing

Qualification required to pursue SAP-SD Course

Knowing about  the required qualification for SAP SD Course are one must have minimum graduation degree, like B.A, B.COM, Engineering or Mechanical or Civil Engineering can do this module , Suppose you are experienced candidate and having experience in marketing, supply chain, procurement, sales these are the relevant experience SAP SD Module.

Salary & Scope

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So talking about the salary package average salary would be 6.5 Lakh and if you are having work experience of 2 to 3 years then avg salary would be 8 to 12 lakhs , Suppose if you are having 10+ years of experience then avg salary would be around 12-25 lakhs per annum.

How to learn and get certified in SAP SD module?

Suppose if you want to get certification in SAP SD module then you should visit SAP.COM and apply there . 

SAP SD has a global validation certificate and the cost is around 500 dollars which approximately 38 to 40 thousand Indian currency.

You can avail training fro individual consultant or else through SAO training institute.

So the duration of the training will be around 2 TO 3 months which is 80+ hours.

While taking training minimum u should dedicate 3 to 4 hours  and also should focus on skill development , should work on dummy projects and should give your best.
Be active on job sites like Linkd in , Monster,
I hope this article is helpful to your career guys.
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