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Top 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Myths

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5 Biggest Facebook Ad Myths One Must Know

Friends ADVERTISEMENT is just like offerings made to god during needy situation, like wise if we want some work to be done we go to temple and offerings to the god that he fulfills your work in the smooth or easy. Same criteria will appear in the business world to get quick result in this competitive market we do advertisements through advertisement campaigns. To make advertisement there are so many tools like social media, google, youtube and various other platform. So for the advertisers they often use social media to publish their advertisements, and in social media particularly Facebook. Because of beautiful ecosystem and user friendliness facebook is easy for both advertisers as well as its users. In Facebook Platform advertising is easy but result driven by it is very difficult. Because if we cannot make right strategy then we can cannot get right results and we suffer loss on our investment. Facebook Advertisement is one of the complex network and its algorithm it constantly changes and how the algorithm works is not disclosed anywhere. And in advertisement which consists placements, moderations are based on the algorithms and its is automatic , thus if we don’t make proper strategy then we will get no proper results.

In this article I would like to tell you about misconceptions and myths of Facebook advertisements.

Myth No 1 :Facebook Ads have to target a particular audiences
In advertising strategy our targeted audience should be specific. This is wrong , when our targeted audience are specific at that time our AD Copy ,whether it is Facebook Algorithm or other Social Media Algorithms make limited reach to the rightful audience and make more filtering while selecting the audiences because of the interests, demographics of the audience are limited and the audiences that we have selected must be in the right moment, right platform are there or not while reaching them some filtration takes place and get restricted which results in low effective results that is why in our marketing funnel 1st stage is awareness of  our products, services, business which helps in reaching out core audiences based on demographic wise and there will be reach more, but while coming to the middle  of the funnel  who ever have visited our websites and know about our business and the persons who are interested whether it might be websites, shop, facebook account, instagram account who have checked it for them we can retarget them and it it is correct. If we have the motto to sell our product in the beginning itself and making our audiences limited and it won’t give you affective result.

Myth No 2: Facebook ads are not effective for B2B   
Facebook advertising is not much effective on B2B Marketing and this mis conception and is believed by majority marketing persons because they see facebook marketing  means facebook platform is only for  direct to consumer and they believe that it works for B2C. Some believe that linkedin platform should be used for B2B marketing.
This is not fault because the audience in linkedin platform are working professionals and in social media it consists of public audiences and it is in public identity. But in facebook advertisement while targeting demographically the age, working professionals and which industry they work for we can target them.Here we can target working professionals but the strategy we make should consider whether the product is related to B2B or B2C will be important so our strategy must be clear.

Myth No 3: You should target all your site visitors.
You should target all your website visitors and is the pure mistake done by marketers, we make marketing for the purpose that most no of people to visit our websites.
At the end of the day all the people who have visited our website should be converted and it is not true that all who visit our website will be converted.So in our website there are various sections and pages but we usually advertise our products and services and usually those things will be in Product page or Service page , when we are targeting we should not only focus on the people who have visited that particular pages and done the activity but also focus on the radom people would not give the better results and the investment made by us for the advertisements would be waste and there will be ROI Like that while we are making SEO also we need not make SEO to all the pages. We must do SEO to our product page or services page through which income is generated by purchase of our products and services so considering these things we must do SEO to such pages and also target and retarget to such people who have visited our product or service pages and target those audiences, should not target random people it would be waste of time and money.

Myth No 4: You can and should ignore negative comments
Ignore negative comments and there is misconception. Whether  our  social post , advertisement copy there might positive or negative reviews or comments you should ignore. For business there will be positive response as well as negative response ,we must not always think that our strategies and plans should get positive responses only thus we cannot make everyone happy but still getting good reviews is appreciated , if you get negative response you should face it and reply to those reviews and should communicate in the cool way with the professional manners. It is good to reply for both negative and positive comments.
Relevance score is the most important metric.
Relevancy scores in facebook ad campaigns are very very important and you should focus on such things. Relevancy score is nothing but which helps in improvisation of advertisement campaigns but if you are only focussed on the relevancy scores, you also focus on ROI (Return On Investment) which helps you to get more established in the market. 
It is not good thing to just focus on relevancy scores , if you want to increase the relevancy share there must be likes,share and there must be audience engagement in that ad copies which you have advertised.Better relevancy score is 7 to 10 and the relevancy score should be above 7 , if you are only focussed on relevancy score you cannot achieve the desired result.

Marketing Campaign Should Have Objective

Every time while marketing campaign  there must be an  objective and we focus on that  particular objective. If your objective is only relevancy then you cannot achieve the desired  results. Should also focus on the ROI also and thus the campaign will also be more effective and there is possibilities of getting more relevancy score.