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What is Digital Marketing? Should you learn Digital Marketing

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Rapid Growth For Digital Marketing Jobs

Any business or organization or else an industry if they want to grow then marketing plays an very important role. It might be individual product or else company product , car, bikes, automobiles, mobiles or else day to day consumable  groceries, electronic gadgets , if these products want get sold then marketing is very much important. During 1980’s  the main platform for marketing is radio , during 2000 the Television was the main form of marketing, in the recent days the concept of marketing turned industry well known as DIGITAL MARKETING.

In this article i would share info about the following:

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. Scope in Digital Marketing?
  3. How to learn Digital Marketing?
  4. Salary & Career opportunity?

    Have you completed your SSLC ,PUC ?. Want to build a better Career in the present days? If you are looking for good opportunities then read this article in detail.

Let us know what Digital Marketing is.
Any company’s product or else their branding through social media platforms is called Digital Marketing. This marketing style or way would be through audio,images,videos format through search engine or else facebook,instagram,youtube platforms,which help in promoting their brands as well as products and services is known as digital marketing.

Why do we need digital marketing?
Taking India as consideration from 2015 to 2016 Digital Marketing was not given much importance.But when Reliance Jio internet revolution started after that digital marketing gained more importance for marketing activities.
In India almost 67% of the population are mobile users so around 765 million mobile users in India exist. After waking up from their bed , till they go to sleep some people use mobiles for a long duration.. Before through Radios and TV’s how the companies used to advertise or market their products , but now with the help of the internet and smartphone, companies are able to reach a vast audience. With the help of Digital Marketing the advertisements are reached to precise audiences. If you visit any applications related to social media in your mobiles there you will see and get info about the companies advertisements and get influenced by the advertisement and thus might purchase the interested products.That is the reason why digital marketing is getting importance day by day.

Why is Digital Marketing important for Business?

  1. Easily reach your target audience.
  2. Wide no of audiences.
  3. ROI is high (compared to other media)
  4. Analytics & Reports.
  5.  Flexibility.

So i suggest this to business persons who are reading this blog to research about Digital Marketing and if your business is running slow and want to take your business to the next level then consider digital marketing as a best remedy to grow your business.
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Different modes of promotion in digital marketing.

1)Paid Promotions



4)Content Marketing



Suppose if you want to build your career in digital marketing, let us see what is the qualification required to pursue digital marketing course & also important skills required.When talking about the required skills you must have basic internet browsing knowledge, and basic computer knowledge if you know those skills it’s well and good, coming to qualification it’s okay if you are from any background or else if you completed your 10th or PUC or ITI or any graduations. You are eligible for this Industry.But there must be important skills and qualifications in you.They are as follows:

Qualification                                            Skills 

1)Basic Computer Knowledge          1)Passionate 



                                                                4)Problem Solving skill 


                                                                6)Goal Oriented 

                                                               7)Analytic Thinking

If you are having the above skills and knowledge it would be added advantages.

Sub Segments of Digital Marketing


2)Data Analytics 

3)Paid Marketing

4)Content Marketing 

5)Copy Writing

6)Video Production & Marketing

7)Graphic Designing

You can build career in one  of the above subsegments of digital marketing. After having the knowledge in each subsegments of digital marketing , based on your likings and potentials you can select one of the segment in Digital Marketing and be specialized in that segment.

If you have mastered in the above mentioned segment then these are the following mentioned Job Roles in Digital Marketing.

1)Digital Marketing Manager


3)Social Media  Marketer 

4)Content Marketer


6)Content Creator (AR/VR)

7)SEO Specialist

8)Automation Expert 

9)Paid Media Specialist

10)Data Analyst 

11)Web Developer

12)Conversion Rate Optimiser

13)Copy Writing

14)Inbound Marketing Manager

Salary Packages

Talking about the salary, average Indian salary for Digital Marketer is 4 Lakhs per annum and for the freshers avg salary would be around 1.2 L to 3 L per annum. After 2 years of experience he would get around 25% to 30% hike in their salary and talking about their current market salary would be around 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum.

This industry is based on social media influencers, analytics, content creators and also has scope for content marketing ,augmented reality, virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and also associated with these industries. In the upcoming days there will be more and high demand for this digital marketing and the growth is a never ending process. In 2020 the usage of the internet in India  has put back USA’s internet  usage. Every year there is an increase of 25% in career growth in Digital Marketing!!

If you wish to build career in digital marketing then you can definitely opt this course. We in Roots Institute provide Digital Marketing Classes online as well as offline mode.