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Is SEO High Paying Career in Digital marketing?

How SEO job roles got its popularity.

Digital Revolution has changed the way of day to day business activities, we are always depended upon the internet for any information, so in this digital revolution important division is DIGITAL MARKETING. and in that well known sector is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
In this SEO Segment
1) How can you build your ? 
2)What are its career opportunities?
3)What is the salary? 
4)What are the work done in SEO industries?
5)What are the Job Profiles ?

What is SEO and how does it work?

The process of ranking the website and its page content in the search engine is called as SEO. We must know what are all the activities that takes place between search engine and our website. Usually websites are developed by using wordpress,Html,Php,Joomla and also built in other coding languages. And thus require the basic technical knowledge and require basic marketing and analytical skill. SEO professionals work on 2 core principles. 1stly they work on the google keywords which are highly used and prepare content for that particular keywords and 2ndly they create backlinks from other websites. From 1997 the google had been started crawling the internet .

So in order to see how the google search engine rank the website are based on the following 3 main key elements.

CRAWLER: It is a software system this will crawl the internet , and it will be eager to collect new information and content in the websites.This crawler visits your website and collects all the information in your website and sends the complete information to the local server.

INDEXER: From local serve this software system  categorizes and analyzes the information and indexes to the ranking section.

RANKING: Which ever the search queries made by the user with the help of the indexer it ranks the website google will send the required information to their computer browser.

As this SEO industry is very much complex and advanced there are new updates regularly in it. On an average google changes and updates  its algorithms around 200 to 300 times. Many businesses have seriously implemented the practice of SEO, so there is wide range of job opportunities in this platform.


What are the skills required to do SEO?

Search Engine is very complex structure as the search engine algorithms are very advanced and are dynamically changing. SEO professionals thus need multiple skills.
1)Dynamic Learner: He must be adaptive to the updation and changes in this field.

2)Basic fundamentals: He must be very clear in basic fundamentals,whether its SEO,website,Data base or Digital Marketing and must be mastered in the above topics.

3)Google Analytics & Search Console: As the SEO professionals are working more on the google analytics and google search console, they should have analytical skills and should know about which matrixes are important and which are giving negative effects , whether traffic generated towards our website or not, and also should check bounce rates.And thus analytical skill is very very important 

4)Competitor Analysis : We must try to know about our business competitors and their business landscape, what are the SEO strategies made by our competitors to their website.So we should focus on how to improvise our seo skills so that to overtake our competitors.Thus this skill is very very important.

5)Communication Skill: Communication Skill is the important skill that is required by each individuals in their personal life as well as professional life.There will be collaboration works so if your communication is good then you will be more confident about your work.

What are the Job Roles and Salaries for SEO professionals?

1)Entry Level Work is SEO executive and Trainee here basic works like keyword research,articles publishing in the websites, and salary will be around 10000 to 15000 depending upon the locations, the minimum qualification is graduation.
2)SEO Analyst here they are engaged in creation of backlinks, competitor analysis, website auditing works will be there, here one must have end to end SEO knowledge ,it is advantage if he have the knowledge in coding .Their salary starts from 30000.

3)SEO Manager are those who are engaged in handling multiple SEO projects and are collaborated with multiple SEO teams, they are also involved in SEO report generation and monitoring of the work flow. Their salary starts from above 40000.

How to start your SEO journey ?

Should know how the search engine works in the SEO process , coding languages like html, javascript are needed ,so its not required whether you are from science background its okay even if you are from commerce,arts or any other field you can jump to SEO industries. Once you enter into this SEO industry you will automatically get to know about the coding languages. So if you are interested in blogging,technology,marketing then you learn SEO. SEO is the practical oriented subject and theory is of small part so it is better that you learn this SEO course in the institutions.Don’t depend upon the online courses, So prefer those institutes where you will learn SEO with internship opportunities.

You will get certification from the training institute and also get from online platforms like SEM RUSH, Google Digital Garage, AHREF. The certification is and added advantage to your SEO career.

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