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Don't Get Confused For While Selecting Your Precious Career.

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“CAREER” is one of the  important stages of  a person’s life and plays an important role , so a career gives full meaning to a person’s life and more stability and security in the financial aspects , it helps to live a peaceful life after retirement. But sometimes due to certain reasons leads to choosing a wrong career which makes you regret and suffer life long, so in this blog while choosing the career  i would suggest you 6 important mistakes that should not be made!

Who Should Read This Article?

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Freshers, Working professionals , who are trying to switch their career can read this article.

Correct Your Mistakes!!

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1st mistake done and faced by all  individual  is that completely depending upon parents,friends,relatives suggestions which directly influence  to choose a career. Although parents, friends, relatives will not guide you with wrong information they want to guide you genuinely about your career selection, but you should think a little that whatever the guidance given by the good wishers.  How they got to know about ? How & Where did they collect that information ? Whether they are influenced by society and on that basis they are guiding you?, or else his cousin or neighbor has done a particular course and is making money from it and providing guidance to you on that basis. Giving guidance considering career is only meant for Financial stability.Important factor that you should consider here is that. What is your Potential?. What are your interests?. So accept the guidance & analyze it and then decide the final step after considering your potentiality and interest.When you choose a career you live your life there , so don’t hurt your own values, consider your passion and interest which suits your career life.

2nd mistake is choosing only name,fame,money & glamor as a career objective.In any sector if you perform well you will get name, fame & money will follow with your success. There are some industries where students get attracted there after seeing name, fame & glamor in it and choose to start their career in such types of industries.

3rd mistake is blindly following your friend in terms of career choice. See each individuals have their own potential, skills, interests so when compared to the above points it might not be or should be same as your friends potentiality & interests. Whatever the career chosen by your friends might be his/her interests and potentialities, if you are unable to choose a career take time or break , list  down your strengths , think mindfully that whether you wish to work indoor or outdoor, or else you are manual kind or interested in physical work or else like mind usage works , what are your hobbies & passion. What is the value of your life?. On these basis you have to select your career.

4th biggest mistake done by the individuals is selecting an easy career & stable career. I don’t say it is wrong but your complete career decision doesn’t consider the above points like career should be easy and career should be stable. By considering theses things many apply for public sectors jobs only, initially you would be attracted towards the security, stability of such jobs and select such jobs but after sometime even though if  you get lump sum salary you don’t feel to work as it feels boring to you and it might feel like torture of doing that job. So if you choose your career by seeing easy work, package, salary, stability gradually you cannot grow up in your work so you have to face some difficulties.

5th big mistake is that a person is having full interest in the career and that job is accordingly as per his nature & values and even though he has confidence in him that he can achieve in that particular stream or job. But underestimating himself is very wrong even though you have skills thinking that can i grow in this career , in the recent days  if you don’t know the skills you can achieve skills through online and offline platforms unless you have dont give up attitude or confidence and passion about your work. Even if you don’t have skills, try to develop those skills and reach your goal.

6th last mistake done by the individuals are preferring career course in  local institutes which are near to their surroundings is wrong, suppose if you want to become a computer science engineer and have knowledge in coding and know that that you can grow in that industry, but if you are in rural area and there in no engineering colleges nearby then you choose other courses which you don’t like this leads to the wrong selection of your career path. For some they are blessed with required institute or colleges near to their location so that they prefer their passion in studies which leads to perfect selection of their career. But some might face that their interested courses not provided in their nearby surrounding then ultimately select wrong course which leads to impassioned career. If you are facing such problems don’t ever quit search for the places where your dreams come true by selecting determined and interested courses.

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Career of a person is around 20 to 30 years there is a initial strugglings and hurdles that we have to cross in this career journey, initial 3 to 4 years it would be a no compromise tasks that you have to come out of comfort zone , Financial challenges etc  you and only you can break through the challenges to get well settled, stabled , loving career. 

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