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Data Science Complete Information

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One Of The High Trending Jobs In The Current Market : DATA SCIENCE

  1. What is data science?
  2. Job responsibilities of a Data Scientist?
  3. Demand for Data Scientists?
  4. Future Scope?
  5. Salary?
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In this digital world the first revolution would be the Internet. The main important element for the internet is DATA.
What is DATA all about?

Data is related to complete IT Industry or else main part of technology , so with the help of technology like using mobile, laptop, smartwatches which ever devices that are connected to internet this this helps to transfer of data and this data will be helpful to IT sectors or companies or else product manufacturers these data’s are very very important and useful.
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How these data’s are controlled for example if you’re watching a particular video in youtube , how you got the recommendation of particular video, so its due to searches made by you in youtube. Relevant topics which you have searched in past or currently searched so that particular videos which you are interested are shown. Thus depending upon your habits, nature, likings internet send data to youtube and thus relevant useful videos are shown to you based upon your interests.These things are possible by Data Science. Behind this there are different concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning.

With the help of these technologies it gather &  study the information of human behavior and these  data are served to different industries and data is used for different purpose. For another example if you are trying to buy a new mobile you visit browsers and apps such as Flipkart, Amazon and other E-Commerce website to search for your required mobiles and after logging out of the apps or websites , after that if you visit Social media platforms like Instagram and facebook there you will get mobile related advertisement and recommendations will be start pop-up this happens due to your previous activities related to search of mobiles in browsers as well as e-commerce website. Different mobile companies show their product ad based upon your interests and mobile price ranging and thus show the recommendations.

Like wise if you are a movie lover and you are watching movies in online apps like Netflix, Amazon , so based upon your movie jonour after you revisit the app or other app related to movies. You will get the list of movie which you are interested in that particular jounar. This happens due to the data provided by you to them and which helps them to gather your information and study your behavior and then target you regarding their products ads and recommendations. 

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Around 2026 more than 11+ million job requirements will be created all over the world , so currently in the USA  there is highest sourcing of Data Scientist. And after USA our India stands for highest sourcing of Data Scientist. Talking about the demand its is one of the high paid salaried industry. In India an average salary of a data scientist is around 7 lakh. Where as freshers will have the salary around 5 lakhs. A person who is having the experience of 5 to 10 years will having the salary around 12 lakh to 15 lakh per annum in India. Highest salary is around 25 lakhs per annum. Data Science is used in almost every sectors like Banking, Hospital, E-Commerce, Education, Manufacturing.  The skills required to become a Data Scientist are if you are from IT  Background it would be add on, you require coding languages like Python,Sql and other coding languages. Suppose if you are from a Non-IT background you must have grip on mathematics and statics and also coding languages. So you might be of different backgrounds , one must be a graduate and have the passion in coding and have grip in mathematics and statics can pursue Data Science.      .    

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