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What is SEO? How SEO plays Main Role in DM?

What is Seo?

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Is the process of Optimizing a website, using a Popular link, relevant content & link popularity so that it can show in top-level in Search engines when people Search for our business-related topics.

In other ways, it improves the Quality & Quantity of websites Traffics to our website & pages of websites. It creates unpaid traffic to our websites through Search engines. 

Types of Seo:

Seo Separated into 3 types they are

SEO Types

In that image shows three types of Seo & indicates their works in Sentences. 

Technical Seo:

technical seo

Technical Seo is the one main part of SEO. In this process Search engines spider or bot Crawl and index websites and web pages, when it’s relatable for business search engines rank our websites. It also considered the content of websites. Search engine scrawl automatic process. When we want faster results we manualized options are there.

On-Page SEO:

On page SEo

On-page Seo is one of the Seo types. It’s another name onsite Seo. This Seo optimizes based on our Activities like Blogs, Updates, Keywords, meta links, meta descriptions. Keywords are most Valuable in that field. When we use relevant keywords to the product it is very usable for ranking our websites and helps businesses. On-page Seo is a  long-term process it takes 1 or 2 years for results. When we create one website It is shown on the last page of SERP pages. Then we create a Relevant blog and keywords optimized the websites it shows results, and rank in SERP pages. Know more about how to do On-page seo.

SEO Role in Digital Marketing

In today’s competitive world, Seo is the most important topic in the digital marketing platform. Search engines clear doubts of their users & give relevant answers to them. 

The importance of SEO’s are

1. Organic Search

Seo is a ranked website in Search engines, It helps to get more traffic to websites in an organic way. Customers easily find a company branding through websites. Top 10 advanced SEO tips to a boost traffic

2. Long term results:

Seo gives long-term results. It build trust in consumers when it ranked topper level in Search engines. The consumer feels more comfortable using our websites. It’s not fallen easily in search engines. 

3. Brand Awareness

It is also helpful for Brand Awareness. When a website is ranked Top-level, an algorithm suggests that website to users. To get easy traffic. 

4. Conversions rate flys

SEO helps to conversions and attract customers and get more traffic to websites. Marketing is easy when the website is top-ranked. Traffic converted into leads. 

5. Targeting local audience 

Local Seo support to Local business. Easy to get local supports. Easy to get a lead and shop visit. Local easily find a business when it appears in local listings.


SEO is a key part of the Digital Marketing Field. Google doesn’t share search volume data. However, Google estimates 5.6 Billion Searches for the day. When People Search on our business-related topics Google algorithm suggests our websites, When our website appears on the first page of the SERP page, more traffic comes to our websites easily. It helps to business growth and profits and awareness also. When the organization doesn’t use SEO strategy, people didn’t find our company. When our business-related searches come to search engines, search engines suggest related websites but Our Website appears on the 2nd or next page, users couldn’t go to the second page. That’s why businesses must have applied SEO strategies. Learn more information.

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